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  1. I simply put LOVE MAKE IT EIGHT . As a huge hokecy fan living in Canada I cant find enough articles and publications revolving around the Phoenix scandal ongoing to satisy my appetite, then I came to Make it eight.com!!Make it eight appears to be the only source for the real indepth info, why is that? CBC not interested that much? You would think with the amount of interest bubbling CBC would be more inspired in reporting. Why after reading all of your posts and articles would i ever watch another NHL game is beyond me at this point? I’m thouroughly pissed!This is a National pastime with connections obvious to or heritage as a Country Wheres our political will??I wont rant to long but would like to ask you something why dont you plaster yourself and your aticles make it eight all over phoenix media links or blogs. If I lived in Glendale and read this stuff I’d be heading down to the Mayors office right about .NOW!If I was from Glendale I would be even more angry than I am currently am living in Hamilton . WOW Gary youve outdone yourself this time.These crooks have robbed from the public.Broke the law it appears.ColludedBegan an National movement against there own NHL interests..ie:.make it 7-8-9.Gets Boooed everywhere he goes in publicStolen an National treasure (Stanley Cup) and wont play nice now!Pissed off an entire CountryLost millions of dollars in there business policies with regards to southern expansion.Stole Winnepeg JetsStole Quebec Nordsemabarassed all NHL fans with that awards show.AND IS PLAIN HARD ON THE EYES!!!! ugly little You need to access the Phoenix public and then sit back and watch the fire grow and grow you get the idea, thanks for reading and keep up the fantastic journalism Long live the Hammer!You stand alone in this regard and I personally would like to thank you.

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